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"My family lives walking distance from the polo fields and the Surf cup is destroying this beautiful piece of land. The angry parents speeding in and out so that their kids can play soccer in this OVERPRICED league is so destructive. I'm sure you know this already so my question is; how can we get involved? I'm a working mom with so little time as is but they are turning the property into a concrete jungle."   posted 11.12.17

It is encouraging to hear from someone who wants to get involved and help. We have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and Surf Cup Sports for failure to conduct an Environmental Impact Report, which "identifies and examines the likely environmental effects of the continuing operations of an existing facility and proposes measures to avoid, mitigate, or offset them."

I think the best thing you can do is write letters.  Write as many as you have time for, both to the city, and to the media.

If you have friends who are similarly angered or concerned, encourage them to also write letters: about the increase in traffic congestion, about what you see as degradation of the property from an environmental point of view, about the massive increase in use of the property, from polo and a few soccer and lacrosse tournaments per year, to soccer practices 4-5 days a week, every week, and paid parking events every single weekend.

Surf Cup Complaint Contacts:

Councilmember Barbara Bry (District 1)
City Administration Building, 202 C Street, MS #10A, San Diego, CA 921
(619) 236-6611,   

Director of Community Outreach

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar (District 3)
1600 Pacific Hwy, Room 335, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 531-5533 / Fax: (619) 234-1559

Chief of Staff

Andrew Keatts

Andrew Keatts is assistant editor and senior investigative reporter for Voice of San Diego. He can be reached directly at 619.325.0529, or email:

Deborah Sullivan Brennan Environmental WRITER
Deborah Brennan joined the U-T in 2012 as an environment reporter. She writes about air quality, water supply, marine protection, wildlife and endangered species.

Ingrid Lobet KPBS
Ingrid Lobet is a reporter at inewsource specializing in the environment.
To contact her with tips, suggestions or corrections, please email:

"It took years and many dollars for the coast to crest trail to be developed along the lagoon and heading east towards San Dieguito road. My husband and I enjoyed this trail on our bikes and now they've dug it up. What gives?"

The trail is still there; only the entrance has been moved! The western entrance to the Coast to Crest Trail on Jimmy Durante Blvd. has been moved north to allow for restoration of wetlands on the Fairgrounds former South Overflow (parking) Lot.  The temporary new entrance to the Trail is about 1/3 mile to the north on the same side of the road, past Gate 3, and is marked by red and blue flags.  A new permanent entrance will be located at approximately this same temporary location to allow for adequate tidal flow in the restored wetlands. It was determined that the original first leg of the trail, including the 120-foot boardwalk, impeded the necessary water flow for wetlands. 
Although almost half of the wooden boardwalk will be retained with a viewing platform at the end there will be no access from the new platform east to the Trail.  Both entrances are expected to reopen next March, one for the Boardwalk viewing platform and a second for the 50 mile (bird flight) Coast to Crest Trail.

How is the 22nd District Agricultural Association organized?

The State of California is divided into 54 District Agricultural Associations. The Del Mar Fairgrounds and Horsepark equestrian facility are operated by the 22nd District Agricultural Association on behalf of the StateThe 22nd DAA is governed by a nine-member board, all appointed by the Governor. Each serves a four-year term. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month except July. The Board appoints a General Manager/CEO charged with the day-to-day operation of the facilities.Three members of the 22nd DAA Board also sit on the Race Track Authority and Race Track Leasing Commission. The 22nd DAA’s CEO and CFO act as the Authority’s Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. The RTA and RTLC meet twice a year, once at the beginning of the year and once in the summer.

Who is currently on the Board of Directors of the 22nd Agricultural District?

Lisa Barkett
Lee Haydu
Kathlyn Mead
Pierre Sleiman
Russ Penniman
Frederick Schenk, President
Stephen O. Shewmaker
Richard Valdez
David Watson, Vice President

Previous appointees

  • Ruben Barrales  51 of San Diego : CEO of San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Adam Day  42, of  Alpine  (President) : Asst. Tribal Manager, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation.
  • Russ Penniman 54, of Rancho Santa Fe : Penniman Associates LLC and Officer in  US Navy Reserve.

Tim Fennell  Secretary/Treasurer for Board: Also CEO/General Manager, Del Mar Fairgrounds/Racetrack.

The Board normally has nine members appointed by the Governor. They are not compensated for service. They meet once a month on the second Tuesday at 1.30 PM in the Fairgrounds Boardroom. Visitors are welcome.

Do the River Park Trails connect with other County trails?

The interconnectivity of the trails in the County is an important consideration for the RIver Park as it develops its 55- mile Coast to Crest system within its own planning area in the San Dieguito River Valley. 
Click here for  Director Bobertz's 2011 discussion of this topic.

Are there picnic facilities in the San Pasqual Valley sector of the River Park?   posted 05.05.11

  • River Park Sikes Adobe Farmstead at west end at the valley: vehicle access off Sunset Dr. in Escondido. Tables and benches; parking; portable toilets. Mule Hill trail head. Always open but farmstead only on weekends.
  • Orfila Vineyard, San Pasqual Valley Road: tables under grape arbor overlooking the valley and the rows of vines. Cheese and bread for sale as well as wine by the glass or bottle. Probably good to buy wine when using this area even with your own food. Restrooms, parking. May be closed for weddings occasionally.
  • San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park, San Pasqual Valley Road (Hwy.78): tables and benches looking over the valley. Open weekends at present; restrooms at the Museum, parking, hiking trail. Please sign book at the Museum to help keep it open.
  • Battlefield Historical Monument, at intersection of Old Milky Way and Hwy 78 just west of the Museum. A field with a shaded, rock bench good for picnics on your knee. No facilities but lovely view; parking on the roadside. Always open.
  • San Diego Archaeological Center, San Pasqual Valley Road just east of the State park: tables and benches looking over the valley, restrooms and parking at the Center which is closed on Sunday and Monday. Grass field for kids and tables always available. Good to offer small donation to the museum but not necessary in order to enjoy this area.
  • San Dieguito River Park has a table at Santa Ysabel Creek on the Mule Hill trail south of the river on Bandy Canyon Road. No facilities except parking, no shade. (Main Riverpark picnic area is located off the Mule Hill Trail east of Lake Hodges accessed by car from Lake Drive in Del Dios community when the boat ramp is open).

Acronyms untangled posted 02.19.11

What do the river park acronyms signify?

JPA. This is used to refer to the managing body of the San Dieguito River Park. The full title is San Dieguito River Valley Regional Open Space Park Joint Powers Authority. The members are San Diego, San Diego County, Escondido, Poway, Solana Beach and Del Mar. Offices located at 18372 Sycamore Creek Road 
Escondido,CA 92025.

CAC. Citizens’ Advisory Committee. The citizens’ arm of the JPA with representatives from many stake- holders in the river valley including recreational and environmental groups, business interests, civic groups and agricultural concerns. Meets once a month. Has subcommittees for trail development and management and also for consideration of projects which could impact the river park.

PRC. Project Review Committee. An important subcommittee of the CAC which meets with the JPA Environmental Specialist to consider in detail projects in the environs of the river park. It also talks with representatives of the developers and the city in order to reach compromise when possible. Meets once a month.

SCE. Southern California Edison. The utility company responsible for the restoration of the San Dieguito Lagoon over the past several years. It chose this lagoon to fulfil required mitigation for the San Onofre Nuclear facility. The company is committed to management of the restoration for another 40 years.

22nd DAA. 22nd District Agricultural Association. Manages the Del Mar Fairgrounds including Horse racing operation, annual County Fair and other entertainments. Has a board of nine people appointed by the governor of California. Meets once a month at the fairgrounds.

River Park Trail to Julian  posted 01.13.11

When will the SDRP 55 mile trail be completed?

answer here>>

Coast to Crest Trail.  Green: Coast to Crest segments. 
Purple: Completed (auxiliary trails).  Red: Trail gaps.
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Treatment Ponds, Trails, Rangers  posted 11.24.10 

I see their vehicles at the Trailer but where are the Rangers?

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Leana Bulay
Full-time SDRP ranger. 
Manager of Interpretation and Outreach

Treatment Pond Panels>>

Strawberry Stand  posted 11.06.10 

What Happened to the Strawberry Stand Wetland Learning Center?

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Old strawberry stand.  Photo © Ann Gardner

Old strawberry stand.  Photo © Ann Gardner


< Restoration project   posted 10.29.19

When will the Restoration Project begin dredging the inlet channel from the Ocean into the Lagoon?

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Restoration project.  Photo © Ann Gardner