JPA Dust Devil Trail

posted 06/11/12

photo © Freda Reid

Ongoing revegetation area which is also a wild life refuge.    photo © Freda Reid

Successful early revegetation area with various species of  young plants.  photo © Freda Reid

More mature revegetation area with Buckwheat. Small flags indicate recent plantings.  photo © Freda Reid

Try the new trail off El Camino Real! It is short, flat and easy. Good for pedestrians, leashed dogs and over 80s.

Also follow the interesting progress of the re-vegetation of some of this area adjacent to the trail.

For directions go to the River Park website and find Trail 14
Map at www.sdrp.org/trails.htm

River Valley Trails: 23 continuous miles

Courtesy of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy


The crest of the "COAST to CREST " trail.

VOLCAN MOUNTAIN is at the east end of the San Dieguito River Valley . It is the location of the source of the river, now called Santa Ysabel Creek, which rises in a beautiful, steep, wooded area at Ironsides Springs on the west side of the mountain and flows down to the San Pasqual Valley through rugged territory with spectacular woodland and canyon scenery. Establishing the trail in this part of the River Park is a challenge. See www.sdrp.org/projects/rutherford.htm

The Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) is a volunteer group, akin to the environmental groups at the western ocean end. Its mission is to "conserve and acquire land and practice respectful stewardship through education, public outreach and resource management " in order to "preserve Volcan Mountain in its natural state for future generations". It issues a newsletter with information about this very different eastern part of our valley and helps with public introduction to an area less familiar to many supporters of the San Dieguito River Park.
The Foundation has helped facilitate the preservation of more than 17,000 acres but there are still thousands more on Volcan mountain that could be placed in protective status and rehabilitated given funds for acquisition and operating expenses. For details see www.volcanmt.org/contact.html

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy (SDRVC) has been an active partner for many years helping broker a coalition of public agencies which has acquired substantial acreage on the mountain. This is an ongoing effort detailed at www.sdrvc.org

Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve is managed by the County of San Diego. Park Rangers lead docent hikes and trail maintenance days on many Saturdays and Sundays from April 9  to July 24. For more information please contact 760 765 4098. or the VMF office at 760 765 2300

San Dieguito River Park Hiking trails.  The dark blue line is the boundary of the San Dieguito Watershed. The red line is the boundary of the San Dieguito River Park
Focused Planning Area.  The  pale blue shows the river and lakes.  Map courtesy JPA


JPA River Park Trails Committee scouts a trail to the beach.

posted 08/15/10 | photo © Carol Carr

On a recent site visit, the JPA River Park Trails Committee gathered at the edge of the lagoon to discuss a possible route for a trail to the beach.

The Coast to Crest Trail now ends at the Boardwalk entrance off Jimmy Durante Blvd. in Del Mar.  Alternative ways to "Reach The Beach" by extending the western end of the trail all the way to the ocean are under consideration

The Coast-to-Crest Trail in the San Dieguito River Valley, when completed, will link the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the river in Del Mar to the headwaters of the river on Vulcan Mountain, 55 miles to the east near Julian.


NEW:  Hillside.  East Lake Hodges.  Photo © Paul Haydu.

San Dieguito River Park

The San Dieguito River Park has current information about which trail segments are open, hikes, trail maps, notices of events and volunteer opportunities on their website (www.sdrp.org)

JPA Sponsored Hikes and Activities


San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy also has trail maps and lists events of interest to hikers (www.sdrvc.org)

Upcoming guided hikes and other events



Mule Hill Trail.  Photo © Stu Smith.


Santa Fe Trail.  Photo © Stu Smith.


Santa Ysabel Creek.  Photo © Stu Smith.


Volcan Mountain.  Photo © Stu Smith.

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