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New Ranger at the Park

posted 12/06/11

Dante Lee is a Bay Area native who graduated from UC San Diego in 2010 with a B.S. in Environmental Systems.  In addition to having a background in ecology, he specializes in GIS. 

Prior to joining the San Dieguito River Park staff, he interned as a field biologist in the marshes of the San Francisco Bay Area, monitoring and treating invasive cordgrass (Spartina).  He looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for the environment with all of you!

New Ranger at the Park

posted 09/09/10


Volunteer Activities in the  San Dieguito River Park

posted 08/06/2010

Please consider helping to support the River Park by volunteering a few hours a month. Volunteers are needed for Trail and Habitat Restoration Work Projects in the field. Restore and rehabilitate your body while restoring San Dieguito River Park Trails and while rehabilitating San Dieguito River Park Habitat. It's a win/win!

Work with the Rangers every second Sunday and third Saturday from 8 a.m. till 11:00. Call the Park at 858 674 2270 for information

< New Ranger at the park

posted 08/06/2010

The JPA has hired a new ranger, Leana Bulay. Welcome her if you see her working on the trails especially in the Coastal area. She completes the JPA  staff of five rangers.

JPA Rangers

posted 07/10/2010

The San Dieguito River Park is planning to hire an additional full time ranger.

from left: Senior Ranger David Hekel, Ranger Natalie Borchardt,
Trails Manager Jason Lopez, Ranger Jake Gibbs.

If you are interested in assisting the Rangers in more intense and ongoing work projects consider becoming a Volunteer River Park Dust Devil.

The San Dieguito Joint Powers Authority (JPA) provides ranger service for the San Dieguito Lagoon area funded by an agreement with Southern California Edison. At present the primary coastal unit ranger is Natalie seen in the photo with boy scouts after completing work on the kiosk at San Andres. Look for her on the trails.

Volunteers working on the San Andres kiosk are also shown.

Additionally the JPA hopes to establish a "Dust Devils" group of volunteers to assist the rangers in the field on a regular basis. The first dust devils pictured are Dave and Cyndee Batzler.


The primary coastal unit ranger Natalie (center) with boy scouts
Photos Susan Carter

The first "Dust Devils." Dave and Cyndee Batzler


Volunteers working on the San Andres kiosk


The finished San Andres kiosk


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