What We Do

Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley is an advocacy group actively promoting the conservation, restoration and enhancement of the San Dieguito River valley resources: scenic, ecological, and permanent open space. The Board meets monthly and hosts a website (FSDRV.org) to keep members and the public up to date on activities.

Currently we are:

Individual Members:

• Serve on the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority Citizens Advisory Committee and attend meetings bi-monthly.
• Serve on the important Project Review Committee of the SDRP/CAC.
• Attend the bi-monthly Board meetings of the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority.
• Serve on the San Dieguito Watershed Stewardship Initiative Group.
• Attend appropriate meetings of the California Coastal Commission, the San Diego Planning Commission as well as the local San Diego Planning Boards.
• Attend the monthly Board meetings of the 22nd District Agricultural Association re fairgrounds matters related to the river valley.
•  Attend San Diego and Del Mar City Council meetings when appropriate.

Inform The Public by:

•  Maintenance of a website (FSDRV.org) with information on matters related to the River Park from the San Dieguito River mouth in Del Mar to Volcan Mountain near Julian. A calendar of upcoming events such as hikes, habitat renovation and regional meetings is included as well as informative articles on flora, fauna, River Valley locations and proposed developments.

•  Assistance with the annual Lagoon Day program at the area elementary schools.

•  Responses to Environmental Impact Reports for projects adjacent to the San
Dieguito Lagoon. Eg. Fairgrounds Master Plan.

•  Distribution to local schools, libraries and conservation groups of the color
pamphlet, Birds of the San Dieguito Lagoon.

New Project For 2012:

* Establishment of mile and half-mile markers along the Coast to Crest Trail initially from Camino del Mar bridge to El Camino Real bridge. This will identify locations for hikers but also for first responders in the case of emergencies, thereby increasing trail safety.

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