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Rancho Del Mar: Citizen’s Managed Growth Initiative Under Assault 

Article from C3 Views - A Journal of Regional Planning Issues for San Diego County 

posted 12/18/12

Rancho Del Mar Project and its summary characteristics from page 2 of the article
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"In the flood plain directly North of the Polo Fields East of Del
Mar there is a proposal on nearly 24 acres to build 224 dwelling
units ranging in size from studio apartments to over 2,200 square
foot “Casitas”. !e Project is referred to as Rancho Del Mar. A
December 8, 2011 report to the City of San Diego Planning
Commission indicates there will be “on site restaurant, lounges,
bars and other amenities.”

"There is one “minor” detail about this effort. The project is located
in the North City Future Urbanizing Area (FUA) on land
intended to be preserved as open space and/or undeveloped until
and unless development is approved by a public vote. ...

continuation of the article in pdf format here

Protect San Dieguito River Valley Coalition

posted 08/12/12

Letter from the Sierra Club to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith - HERE

Protect San Dieguito River Valley Coalition

posted 06/01/12

City of San Diego: excerpts from the 2008 General Plan, Land Use and Community Planning Element.  

Protect San Dieguito River Valley Coalition

posted 05/08/12


Protect SDRV is a new coalition of environmental groups and affected residents, challenging the City of San Diego Planning Commission's vote of support for a continuing care facility at the northeastern corner of El Camino Real and Via de la Valle.  The coalition believes the Commission's decision violates Proposition A approved by San Diego voters in 1985 that requires a citywide vote to approve any shift of predominately agriculturally zoned land to a Planned Urbanizing designation, or an intensification of use in this area. Protect SDRV believes the high-density Rancho Del Mar development is inconsistent with current zoning and must be placed on the ballot for voter approval.           

On April 20 2012 the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority  unanimously approved a letter to the City’s Land Use and Housing Committee asking for a moratorium on any further processing of the project application and a meeting of concerned parties.          

With assistance from the Friends, the Protect SDRV Coalition has established a legal defense fund and has retained an environmental law firm. The coalition is actively seeking contributions to the defense fund.


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