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Rancho Guejito

posted 05/01/12


Rancho Guejito is located east of Escondido and stretches almost from SR 78 in San Pasqual Valley  north to SR 76. Within Rancho Guejito's boundaries is a 13,000-acre area granted to José Maria Orozco by the Mexican Government in 1845. It is the last undivided, undeveloped Mexican land grant in the state. Subsequent US owners have expanded the property bringing it to its current size of 36 sq.miles.       
The present owner, the Rancho Guejito Corporation, is seeking to develop the property on a large scale, but current zoning laws prohibit that type of development. The owner is suing the county over its recently approved general plan update, which allows development of only one house per 80 acres.

Recently Rancho Guejito was in the news when a road was created without permits . Critics claimed this was an attempt to pave an access for construction on the site. The county and several agencies cited the owner for the grading of a 1.2 mile road. The corporation is appealing these violations.


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