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Coast to Coast Mileage Marker project

posted 09/05/12

By Jacqueline Winterer and Bill Farrell, Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley

Photo © Bill Farrell

The Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley have undertaken to design, locate and provide significant funding for mileage markers along the San Dieguito Coast to Crest Trail.

This venture was carried out in cooperation with the San Dieguito River Park with additional funding from the Conservancy. The purposes of the mile markers are many. Segments of the 55-mile Coast to Crest trail are familiar to those who live nearby, less so to those who live farther away. By knowing the mileage number of any site, hikers will all have a sense of the relative location of the various trail features.

Photo © Bill Farrell

Public safety is another element. The trail is only thinly patrolled, and trail users in distress will be able to seek help from first responders by identifying the nearest mile marker.

Markers in interesting locations will be embossed with QR (quick response) codes, the small square logos now seen more and more frequently. By passing the camera of a cell phone over the pattern, the hiker will see a web page with pertinent information. The pages will be created and maintained by the River Park staff.

The exact routing of the trail is not entirely fixed, but it is relatively well defined over the first 30 miles, from the entrance at the boardwalk portion on Jimmy Durante Blvd to a little past the Zoo's Safari Park in the San Pasqual valley. The River Park staff use Google Earth to manage the cartography. We took the list of 2000 waypoints, turned the locations into cumulative distance from the origin, and calculated the provisional locations of the 60 markers (mile and half-mile).

The first half-mile marker will be located near the newly installed San Dieguito River Park entry monument on Jimmy Durante Boulevard across from the Del Mar Fire Station. More will then be installed along the trail up to El Camino Real. A 6-mile hiatus will follow until the trail alignment is negotiated through Rancho Santa Fe.

The installation of the mile markers will resume at mile 10, in the western Santa Fe Valley, and the markers will be placed continuously until mile 32 at the eastern end of the San Pasqual Valley.

On Saturday August 18, from 4.00 to 6.00 PM, a park ranger will lead a walk along the Coast to Crest trail, from the San Andres Drive southern end to the entry monument on Jimmy Durante Blvd and back, inaugurating the bilingual self-guided walk.



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