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Who We Are

Board Members from Previous Years

Board of Directors 2012-2013: 
Back row: Stuart Smith, Candy Bowman, Maggie Brown (President), Jeff Barnouw, Bill Farrell; Front row: Jacqueline Winterer, Mary Farrell, Ed Greene;


Advisors 2012-2013: Ann Gardner, Ed Mirsky. Freda Reid;
Not present: Cory Ha’o

FSDRV Board 2011-2012:  Candy Bowman, Freda Reid, Maggie Brown, Stu Smith, Jacqueline Winterer (President),  Bill Michalsky, Mary Farrell, Ann Gardner, Ed Greene.  Photo Carol Smith. 

FSDRV Board 2009-2011:  From the left: Bill Michalsky, Maggie Brown, Jacqueline Winterer ( President), Stuart Smith, Candy Bowman, Mary Farrell, Ed Mirsky.  Not present: Ann Gardner, Freda Reid.