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Grand Avenue Bridge Signs  (Update 06/23/04)

Plans for unveiling three Grand Avenue bridge interpretive signs with paintings by Alice Goodkind, founder of the Friends, are in the making!


Grand Avenue Bridge - Alice Goodkind

In 2001 the historical Grand Avenue Bridge on the southwest end of the San Dieguito Lagoon in Del Mar was slated for demolition because it led to an abandoned site. Then, at the urging of community leaders including Alice and the River Park JPA and with an award of $35,000 from County Supervisor Pam Slate, it was decided to salvage most of the handsome bridge and redesign it as a viewing platform overlooking the lagoon and its bird sanctuary.

Jacqueline Winterer, then president of the Friends, chaired a committee of representatives from the Friends; the Del Mar Lagoon Committee, the River Park and City of Del Mar staff to prepare plans for the Bridge. Don Coordt, a Del Mar architect and long time member of the Lagoon Committee, agreed to draw up the actual plans for demolition of two sections of the old bridge and restoration as on Overlook Interpretive site.

The interpretive signs will include paintings by Alice who often painted watercolors of the old bridge and delighted in the many bird visitors. Alice did not live to see the work completed and the unveiling will honor her commitment to protecting and restoring the River Valley. The three signs are now almost completed and the unveiling will be announced soon. Completion of the bridge restoration waits for the Wetland Restoration Project to get underway.


The Grand Avenue Bridge is a wooden structure over the lagoon built in 1943 to provide access from the west to a naval facility (see Lagoon History on this website). It is considered historic because it is more than 50 years old and it was, at the time, a common type of bridge built during the war effort, using local materials and workmanship. The wood used and the methods of construction are typical of the technology available at the time.

Mary Farrell

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