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Storey poles outline the site of a proposed new housing development on Via de la Valle between San Andres Drive to the west and the existing Santa Fe Downs development to the east. The applicant, who has met with the River Park's Project Review Committee (PRC) four times, says he is trying to meet the design criteria for the property: preserve the coastal bluffs and steep hillsides that are the most prominent visual features on the site.

FSDRV and others review plans with developer

The proposed development calls for building the maximum number of units allowed, 35, with homes ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. At their March and April meetings PRC members voiced concern that the project's bulk would have a negative visual impact on the River Park and encouraged the developer to consider eliminating some units.

Changes made at previous meetings have resulted in plans with less grading, retention of natural landforms; lower building heights and less visible retaining walls. The Specific Plan for the area that includes Cabo Santa Fe and Brisas Del Mar requires the developer to set aside 12 acres of open space and to preserve the bluffs, canyons and visual aesthetics of the area.

Pueblo Via de la Valle property

Preliminary site plan (green is open space)

FSDRV Board members joined the PRC to visit the site earlier this month and have submitted the following recommendations: eliminate five units on the east and west ends of the development, make extensive use of landscaping including berms to more effectively shield development from the River Valley, use restrictive lighting to reduce ambient light in the Valley and encourage architecture that blends with the environment.

Building Site

Ann Gardner