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Lagoon Restoration Approved (Almost)

From: "" Date: August 25, 2006 8:07:18 AM PDT

 To: San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project 2 

Subject: San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project: Good News


The project team received good news today – the California Coastal Commission (“CCC”) has issued a “Conditional Compliance” letter, which allows Marathon Construction to start some work on the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project. To update you on what this means for work activities, the remainder of this email is organized into four sections: 

 1) Project Overview   
 2) What Kind of Work and Work Hours the Community May See
 3) What the Next Permitting Step Is
 4) How to Get More Information

  1) Project Overview The San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration project includes: 

     * Creation/substantial restoration of 150 acres of tidal wetland and about 15 acres of additional wetland habitat, 
     * Initial inlet dredging and periodic dredging to permanently maintain an open inlet,
     * Construction of 3 berms, including permanent access roads adjacent to the San Dieguito River to confine existing flows and maintain sediment transport to the ocean, 
    * Bank protection for portions of the berms and river channel, culverts in the berms to help balance water levels and a weir to eliminate backwater effect on the upstream river channel, 
    * Creation of four new nesting sites and rehabilitation for an existing site for the California Least Tern and Western Snowy Plover,  
    * Improvements to beach access, and 
    * Upland and beach disposal of excavated material, and maintenance and monitoring programs.  

 2) What Kind of Work and Work Hours the Community May See

 With this conditional compliance notification, Marathon Construction is allowed to begin some work activities including: 

    * Clearing and grubbing parts of the project area 
    * Importing rock revetment and other miscellaneous rocks onto the site. 

The equipment that will be brought to the site to do these work activities includes: trucks to haul rock, a water truck, and a bulldozer and rubber tire loader. Work hours will be between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.   

3) What the Next Permitting Step Is 

As many of you know, the project has received all permits but this one, which has delayed the start date of restoration work from the Spring of this year to the Fall. This latest notification from the California Coastal Commission is part of obtaining that final permit. This conditional notice from the CCC allows us to start the types of work described above. We anticipate receiving a full Coastal Development Permit (“CDP”) within a week based various final conditions being met by SCE. This final CDP will allow us to start the restoration project in full. 

4) How to Get More Information 

For more information, an upcoming quarterly e-newsletter will be sent out in September. We wanted, though, not to wait and give everyone this initial good news now.   

The project information hotline is available to call in at: (858) 259-1955