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22nd DAA: Fairgrounds Master Plan News


<< Master Plan 330-Room Hotel Update

posted 12/03/2010

Barry Nussbaum, President of the 22nd Agricultural District Board which runs the fairgrounds, will "highly recommend" to the full Board early next year that the 330-room hotel proposed in the Master Plan should be removed from consideration. This has been one of the major points of contention in the hundreds of responses to the EIR for the Master Plan. Nussbaum blamed the decision on the lack of finances. This is good news for the Friends of the San Dieguito RIver valley which has consistently opposed  the commercial expansion.

From Union Tribune, Dec 3, 2010

<< 22nd DAA Board meeting, May 11, 2010

posted 05/26/2010

Fairboard Director Russ Penniman described major difficulties of the racing business and explained that horse racing provides the major source of revenue of the Fairgrounds. These problems are exemplified by 15 % decrease in the income of the satellite wagering facility over the same period last year. With a decreased income the fairgrounds bond rating would be lowered. At the present time the fairgrounds resources are such that they do not foresee an implementation of the Master Plan in the near future.

Directors discussed problems foreseen by the District if the 100 ft greenway proposed in SB 1177 by Senator Kehoe is established before implementation of the Master Plan. In particular the design of the greenway would need to be adjusted to allow passage of emergency vehicles. 

The Fairgrounds sub-committee meeting with representatives of Del Mar and Solana Beach revealed that the cities continued to have an interest in purchasing the Fairgrounds.