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posted 08/06/10

The request by the Andrews to amend an Open Space Easement to allow a lot split on property between Gatun St and San Dieguito Dr was DENIED by the California Coastal Commission at its meeting of July 9 2010 . This property is across San Dieguito Dr. from the Old Grand Avenue Bridge Viewpoint.

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posted 06/29/10

The staff of the California Coastal Commission recommends denying the Andrews application for an amendment to their original Coastal Development Permit. (see below) A letter from the Friends is included in their packet. The CCC staff cites the Del Mar Local Coastal program as precluding development of this site. Even if the CCC votes to override and approve the amendment presumably the Planning Commission and the Council could preclude a split on the same grounds.

For more detail see the CCC staff report at

< FSDRV letter to CCC re Andrews property
posted 05/05/2010  

Lee McEachern        
May 3, 2010
District Regulatory Supervisor
California Coastal Commission
San Diego District
7575 Metropolitan Dr Ste 103
San Diego CA 92108-2370

Dear Mr. McEachern


Re : Andrews parcel. This is a request for denial of revocation of deed restriction at 2081 Gatun St. Del Mar

The Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley is an incorporated non-profit organization founded in 1986 as an advocate for the creation and maintenance of the San Dieguito River Park. 

It is with great concern that we have become aware of a request to the California Coastal Commission to amend a deed restriction on a parcel at 2081 Gatun St in Del Mar by the Andrews, owners of the property. The property is situated directly across the street from the Old Grand Avenue Bridge Overlook, within the San Dieguito River Park and on a channel of the San Dieguito River in the recently restored lagoon area.

The Friends have been the lead agency for the preservation of the Old Grand Avenue Bridge and it’s development as a primary, accessible observation platform for the birds, fish and wildlife that can be viewed at the site.

It is only in maintaining the deed restrictions imposed on the adjoining properties that a suitable buffer zone can be maintained between the urbanized property developments and the protected lagoon environment.

We are requesting that you deny an amendment to the irrevocable deed restriction on this parcel.

Sincerely yours,

Jacqueline M. Winterer, President