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The Consent Cease and Desist Order

posted 09/20/12

The Consent Cease and Desist Order approved by the CA Coastal Commission on March 08, 2012 required the 22nd DAA to submit within 6 months a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) application that addresses both the existing and proposed uses that the 22nd DAA would like to implement or retain on the East Overflow Lot, South Overflow Lot and the Golf Driving Range.

At the 22nd DAA Board meeting of September 11, 2012, Dustin Fuller, Senior Environmental Planner, announced that these applications had been submitted to the Coastal Commission as required by the Coastal Commission.

Request for copies of these documents should be submitted to Dustin Fuller at

22nd DAA: Coastal Commission Cease and Desist Order


posted 06/16/12

On July 11, Jacqueline Winterer, representing the Friends, addressed the members of the California Coastal Commission (CCC) meeting in Chula Vista.

At issue were the timeliness of the wetland delineation survey for the East Overflow Lot (EOL), and the scraping and grading undertaken by the 22nd DAA while the wetland delineation was being made.

See the comments made to the CCC by Jacqueline Winterer, and the photographs taken by Dwight Worden.

  • Comments made to CCC on July 11, 2012 by Jacqueline WintererHERE
  • Photographs taken by Dwight WordenHERE
  • Letter to the CCC by District 3 Supervisor Pamela Slater-PriceHERE

California Coastal Commission Meeting of June 14 2012 in Huntington Beach 

posted 05/26/12

Agenda item of interest :

 a. Application No. 6-11-66 (22nd District Agricultural Association, Del Mar) Application of 22nd District Agricultural Assoc. for Phase I of South Overflow Lot (SOL) restoration to include: 

Restoration of 2.14 acres in the SOL and 0.93 acres along northern bank of San Dieguito River (East Berm) to create salt marsh habitat to including grading, planting, buffers and monitoring, at Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, San Diego County. (ES-SD)

Cease and Desist!

posted 05/01/12

The California Coastal Commission has issued a Cease and Desist order and a Restoration order to the 22nd Agricultural District (Fairgrounds) after negotiations with the DAA Board.

These Orders address claimed violations of the Coastal Act. The Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley and the Del Mar Lagoon Committee have followed this closely for several years and have thoroughly documented unpermitted activities. These include illegal use and illegal fill of the wetlands adjacent to the river, unauthorized events particularly on the south and east parking lots and the erection of large signs near the freeway.

The Coastal Commission met in Chula Vista on March 7. 2012 for final approval.  Here is the report, submitted on March 8.

The 2-page Orders specify in detail expected environmental restoration within short time frames and required applications for coastal permits for past unpermitted activities.


For the complete text of the DAA-approved version of the Orders visit:

Also see

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