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Widening the RR track across the San Dieguito River

posted 01/29/13

Photo © Stu Smith

SANDAG, San Diego’s Regional Planning agency has undertaken planning and environmental scoping for double tracking a 1.1 mile segment of the Los Angeles to San Diego (LOSSAN) rail corridor, between Solana Beach and Jimmy Durante Boulevard.
The project is one of several improvements between Oceanside and San Diego with the goal of double tracking 97 % of the rail line by 2030. At the present time 46 % of the line is still single track.
This particular project will include the replacement of the 96 year-old wooden trestle of the San Dieguito Bridge, a special events 1000 ft long platform at the Fairgrounds and pedestrian undercrossing of the track.

The project led by SANDAG will involve collaboration with The North county Transit District, CALTRANS, the San Dieguito River Park JPA,  the Federal Rail Road Administration and several other agencies.
The estimated cost of the whole project is about 100 M dollars with 9.5 million already funded for the preliminary engineering and environmental phases.
The only sobering piece of information is that the project is not scheduled for completion until 2030. No changes are planned to the rail line along the Del Mar Bluffs, which is planned to be relocated after 2014.