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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Imagine that this was once the location of a parking lot for the Fairgrounds.  Thanks to the persistence of many individuals and organizations, and particularly those noted in the article below we have a restored wetland with its own distinct ecosystem including new birds, some “we have never seen before” one River Park volunteer said. Take time out for a walk either on the Boardwalk or along the Coast to Crest Trail, both begin off Jimmy Durante Blvd. across from the Del Mar Fire Station.

It Took an Army:
Editorial from the July 2017 Sandpiper
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Past President Jaqueline Winterer
Battled the Fair Board
on behalf of the Environment
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in the March 2012 Sandpiper

posted November 6, 2017
Q:  My family lives walking distance from the polo fields and the Surf Cup is destroying this beautiful piece of land. The angry parents speeding in and out so that their kids can play soccer in this overpriced league is so destructive. I'm sure you know this already so my question is; how can we get involved? I'm a working mom with so little time as is but they are turning the property into a concrete jungle."

A: It is encouraging to hear from someone who wants to get involved and help. We have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and Surf Cup Sports for failure to conduct an Environmental Impact Report, which "identifies and examines the likely environmental effects of the continuing operations of an existing facility and proposes measures to avoid, mitigate, or offset them."

 I think the best thing you can do is write letters.  Write as many as you have time for, both to the city, and to the media.

If you have friends who are similarly angered or concerned, encourage them to also write letters: about the increase in traffic congestion, about what you see as degradation of the property from an environmental point of view, about the massive increase in use of the property, from polo and a few soccer and lacrosse tournaments per year, to soccer practices 4-5 days a week, every week, and paid parking events every single weekend.

Again, your outreach is highly appreciated.

Surf Cup Complaint Contacts.

  Surf Cup Sports: Final Executed Lease - posted October 20, 2017