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This page contains links to documents obtained from various sources that relate to projects or concerns of the Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley.  Some of these files are very large and require patience to open.

The documents relating to the 22nd DAA are preceded by a icon. The documents relating jointly to the Polo Fields ( 14555 El Camino Real SD) and the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club (15150 San Dieguito Road, SD)  are preceded by a icon.


FSDRV Bylaws  Click here.

Surf Cup Sports: Final Executed LeaseClick here.   Posted 10/20/17


Request for Proposals for the lease of the City-owned property commonly known as "the Polo Fields"
here   NEW 01/31/2020

Revised Joint Exercise of Powers of Authority Agreement
here   NEW 04/21/15


2013 22n DAA  Transportation Demand Management  (Aug 2013)  CCC Permit application 6-13-010
here  (6 pages, 1MB)   NEW 09/08/13

This Transportation Demand Management (TDM) report accompanies the August 2013 revised Conceptual Improvement Plan below. It is a part of the 22nd DAA revised Coastal Development Permit Application 6-13-010 that will be heard at the Coastal Commission meeting of October 9-10 2013.

Location of the CCC hearing : Crown Plaza San Diego, 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego.


  2013 22n DAA Consent Order Compliance & Conceptual Improvement Plan. (Aug 2013)  CCC Permit application 6-13-010
here  (68 pages, 14MB)   NEW 09/03/13

This Aug 2013 report is a revised version of the Mar 2013 item below.
The Coastal Commission required a change to the title of the document from “Physical” Improvement Plan to “Conceptual" Improvement Plan. Changes include removal of references to specific square footage and heights, semi-permeable paving of EOL, parking structure, youth sports facility and swim school improvements.


  2013 22nd DAA Consent Order Compliance (Mar 2013) 
here  (79 pages, 7MB)   NEW 04/25/13 

The Del Mar Fairgrounds Consent Order Compliance & Physical Improvements Plan is part of the Comprehensive Coastal Development Application, required by CCC's Cease and Desist Order and Restoration Order. Prepared by Atkins, this details how the 22nd DAA will avoid or mitigate impacts of short-term events. Chapters include Fairground Operations, Off-season Temporary Events, Second Race Meet and Planned Physical Improvements.


  2013 22nd DAA Coastal Resources Summary (Mar 2013) 
here   (113 pages, 13MB)  NEW 04/25/13 

The Del Mar Fairgrounds Coastal Resources Summary Report is part of the Comprehensive Coastal Development Application, required by CCC's Cease and Desist Order and Restoration Order. Prepared by Atkins, this details how the 22nd DAA will avoid or mitigate impacts of short-term events. Chapters include Wetlands and Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas, Public Access, Water Quality, Visual Resources, and Visitor-serving Facilities.


  2013 22nd DAA Backstretch and polytrack water quality improvement (Mar 2013)
here   (101 pages, 6MB)   NEW 04/25/13 

The 22nd DAA wishes to conduct a second race meet in October. This document assesses some of the impacts. It was prepared by Fuscoe Engineering, Inc., and includes chapters Objectives, Summary of Analysis and Recommendations.


  2013 Traffic Analysis Comprehensive CDP (Mar 2013) 
(116 pages, 7MB)  NEW 04/25/13 

The 22nd DAA has proposed a 12-element project to improve infrastructure. Four of these, including 80,000 square feet of facilities, are considered to affect traffic, and this assesses their impact. It was prepared by Linscott, Law & Greenspan, Engineers.



2012 22nd DAA Jurisdictional Delineation Report for Waters of the US and State. Del Mar Fairgrounds East Overflow Lot and the Golf Driving Range.

here  (62 pages, 24 MB)   NEW 09/29/13

Attachment A  here ( 17 figures)  (17 pages, 9 MB)  NEW 09/29/13

Attachment B  here ( Wetland Determination Data Forms- Arid West Region)  (15 pages, 7 MB)  NEW 09/29/13

The jurisdictional delineation report outlines an summarizes the latest federal and state guidance and methodologies employed in conducting a formal delineation for jurisdictional waters of the US and state; the results of the field work; and the amount, type, and location of the formally delineated potential jurisdictional waters occurring i the 43.4-acre area of the EOL, GDR and a portion of the San Dieguito River riparian area.


2012 22nd DAA Del Mar Fairgrounds Coastal Development Permit Application EOL and GDR sites
here  (46 pages, 2MB) NEW 08/19/13
This application for a Coastal Development Permit is submitted to comply with the requirements set forth by the Coastal Commission Cease and Desist Orders. It includes 7 section or tabs. Two of the sections are included here: tab 1 and 2.  The rest of the application can be obtained with a request to Dustin Fuller

This application will be heard at the Coastal Commission meeting of October 9-11 at Crowne Plaza San Diego, 2270 Hotel Circle North San Diego CA 92108


 2012 Settlement Del Mar, Solana Beach and SDRV JPA v. 22nd DAA (Dec. 2012)  
here  NEW 02/04/13

This agreement settles disputes between the cities of Solana Beach, Del Mar and the San Dieguito River Valley JPA (petitioners) and the 22n DAA (respondent) concerning wetland buffers, traffic, parking and several other issues.


  2012 Final Ruling Sierra Club v. DAA (Nov 2012.) 
here  NEW 02/04/13

This agreement settles disputes between the Sierra Club (petitioner) and the 22n DAA (respondent) concerning various long terms and short term projects.


 2012 Transportation Demand (Aug 2012) 
here  NEW 04/25/13

Prepared in response to the Cease and Desist Order, this report describes existing transportation demand, along with a list of recommendations to be implemented "commencing with the first session of the Fair to be held after the South lot is no longer used for Fairground parking." It was prepared by Transportation Management Services. 


  2012 Parking Assessment (Aug 2012) 
here  NEW 04/25/13

In response to the Cease and Desist Order, the 22nd DAA will restore the South Overflow Lot to wetlands. This assesses the consequences and recommends "improvements to bring greater efficiency to the existing Parking Management Plan." It was prepared by Linscott, Law & Greenspan, Engineers. 


 2012 CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION Cease and Desist Orders to the 22nd DAA ( adopted March 08 2012)  
here  NEW 04/25/13

The Coastal Commission issued orders for the 22nd DAA to submit

• within 6 months:
a Coastal Development Permit and various wetland restoration measures on the East Overflow Lot and the Golf Driving Range. Two of these reports concern Parking Assessment and Transportation Demand are shown above, dated August 2012);
• within 12 months:
a Coastal Development Permit application for events to be held between the end of the racing season (september) and the beginning of the Fair (june of the following year). Most of the reports resulting from 22nd DAA compliance with this part of orders are above, dated March 2013.

  2012 CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION staff report for the 2008 CEASE and DESIST order to the 22nd DAA (Feb 23)
here  NEW 04/25/13

Development at the DM Fairgrounds is governed in two ways: (1) the Fairgrounds Master Plan; and (2) permits, regulations and orders issued by the California Coastal Commission. In this document the Coastal Commission staff provides the Coastal Commission members with background information and findings of violations by the 22nd DAA that require the issuance of Cease and Desist orders.



 2008 22nd District Agricultural Association 2008 Master Plan (Draft released in 2009 and final released in April 2011)

This url links to the 22nd District Agricultural Association's Del Mar Fairgrounds website. The 2008 Master Plan is a very large file, ca. 46.5 MB.


2007 Environmental Review Processes: CEQA & NEPA (June 2007)
here   NEW 03/02/13 

This information bulletin is an overview of the State of California and Federal Environmental Review Processes. It describes the requirements that projects must follow to comply with federal, state and local regulations regarding environmental review.


  2005 San Diego City Neighborhood Code Compliance Department Findings and Decision - Rancho Santa Fe Polo Club (Dec. 2005)

The Neighborhood Code Compliance Dept found the Polo Club in violation of specific municipal codes and issued orders requiring the Club to stop illegal grading for a horse exercise trail, submit a site development plan and application for a grading permit and obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for group activities such as the soccer tournament otherwise prohibited in its lease.


2002 San Dieguito River Park Concept Plan, adopted 1994. 

The plan establishes the vision and the goals for the future use of the San Dieguito River Valley. The vision is to create a continuous waterway from the Pacific Coast to the top of Vulcan Mountain protecting sensitive habitats as well as cultural and historical resources.



 1986 Polo Club Lease (1986)

This is the lease agreement executed between the City of San Diego and Fairbanks Polo Club, the lessee. The agreement, with a 26 year term, expired in 2012.

  1985 Proposition A Managed Growth Initiative (1985)

This is an Excerpt from the 2008 General Plan. It explains that voters approved Prop A, amending the San Diego General Plan and requiring approval of a majority vote for shifting land from the Future Urbanizing Area to the Planned Urbanizing Area phase of development. The City's general plan for 2008 has a brief discussion of Prop A, which is below.

  • here  1985 Proposition A , Appendix B, LU- 3  
  • here  Full text of Prop - the managed Growth initiative


  1983 Fairbanks Country Club Specific Plan (1983)

The California Government Code provides that planning agencies may require specific plans to assist in the execution of the general plan. These plans should contain detailed regulations, conditions, programs and proposed legislation which shall be necessary for the implementation of each element of the general plan.


  1982 Fairbanks Country Club Lease (1982)

In this document the City Manager of San Diego executes on behalf of San Diego a lead agreement with Watts Industries/San Diego. Inc. pursuant to which the City will lease about 400 acres from Watts Industries for development of a golf course and pursuant to which an additional 214 acres of open space land shall be maintained by Watts Industries.


  1982 Fairbanks Country Club SD Planning Dept Report (1982)

This staff report discuses the public benefits derived from approval of the fairbanks ranch Country Club.


  1981 Draft Environmental Impact Report for Fairbanks Country Club (1981)

  • here  project description  (9 pages, 4MB)
  • here  full text  (122 pages, 51 MB)

This EIR was prepared by Watts Industries and addresses a proposal to develop 783 acres of the Watts Industries property. The development would consist of 341 residential units, a 27-hole golf course and a vegetation-lined flood control channel.

  1981 Fairbanks Country Club Environmental Impact Report Findings (1981)

These findings are recommendations relative to the Final EIR.


1976 California Coastal Act (1976)

The California Coastal Commission was established in 1972 by a voter initiative. It is tasked to protect the state coastal resources.  The California Coastal Act of 1976 extended the life of the Coastal Commission indefinitely.

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