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Last Step River Path
posted 3/29/19

The last step in the River Path Del Mar extension project that will complete one of the last remaining segments of Del Mar’s Scenic Loop Trail was approved by the Del Mar City Council on March 4.  The approval includes accepting $25,000 from the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy to help fund the project.  The first steps of the Project provided pedestrian paths along the north side of San Dieguito Drive, from Jimmy Durante Boulevard to the Grand Avenue Bridge. 

The recently approved extension will extend the River Path from the Bridge to Crest Canyon.  According Del Mar Public Works Director the project is challenging because of limited shoulder space, sloping topography, existing utilities and limited site distance along San Dieguito Drive.  Along with the adjacent restored Lagoon, the restored wetlands on the Fairgrounds former parking lot and the Grand Avenue Bridge, the completed loop adds a pedestrian treasure to the San Dieguito River Park.
posted 3/5/19

With a unanimous vote the Friends are appealing the Final Ruling of Superior Court Judge Pollack denying the Friends petition for a Writ of Mandate requiring the City to comply with CEQA or an Environmental Impact Report for the Surf Cup lease. The appeal will be filed with the 4th District Court of Appeal, District 1.

According to the Superior Court’s website an “appeal is NOT a new trial and the appellate division will not consider new evidence… The appellate division’s job is to review a record of what happed in the trial court and the trial court’s decision, to see if certain kinds of legal errors were made in the case.”

Final Ruling of San Diego Superior Court
Judge Pollack says NO.
posted 2/14/19 - updated 4/01/19
The Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley are deeply disappointed with the final ruling of San Diego Superior Court denying the Friends’ Petition for a Writ of Mandate, which asserted the lease to Surf Cup was improper because it violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
Our case in Superior Court has concluded with the “Notice of Entry into Judgment.”  Exhibit B of the Notice is the judge’s January denial of the Writ. Exhibit A  is the August decision, also favorable to the City, dismissing our fifth cause of action.
Click here for the fifteen-page pdf.
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony + hike
posted 1/22/19
Three Additional Miles of the Coast to Crest Trail
Saturday, January 26, 10am, Pamo Valley
See star on map below.
Click to enlarge.
posted 1/14/19

To Whom it may concern:

My home is up behind the Polo Fields on Polo Pt.  As all of you know, anyone that lives in this vicinity,  or anyone that has had to travel through it, has been adversely affected by the expanded use of the polo fields by the Surf Cup.  We have consistently reported on the increased noise, traffic, dust, and dirt that the large amount of people, activities and cars this organization has brought to our backyards. But this note is about something new that is happening on the fields. There now seems to be some kind of games going on in the evenings- with bright stadium- like lighting!  I called the city about this months ago and was told the lights have always been there and that they are there to enable underprivileged children to play football on Friday nights.  As charitable (and irrelevant)  as that sounds-  it is not the case- these lights are on during the weeknights and it is adults who are using the fields.  These lights shine directly into my kitchen and bedroom windows - see photo above. 

I have been trying to adopt a positive attitude about the activities on the fields.  Rob Haskell (of SurfCup) has been extremely responsive in the past when I have had to call him due to excessive noise coming from the announcers or music on the fields.  But now these lights really seem to be pushing the envelope and insult even further- neither I,  nor my neighbors,  should have  to feel like we are living at the end of an airport runway.

I appreciate your consideration and response.

Sue Carr


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