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River Valley Plants

Photo © Paul Haydu

Common or hairy-leaved sunflower  on Highland Valley Road with Telegraph Weed  on the right.  Photo © Freda Reid

California Buckwheat on Highland Valley Rd.   Photo © Freda Reid

New growth of willows in the burnt area along Sycamore Creek Road.   
Photo © Freda Reid

Next five pictures of salt marsh plants used in the Lagoon Restoration.  Photos © RECON Environmental group.  

NEW:  Coastal salt marsh habitat with Frankenia salina, Suaeda taxifolia, Salicornia virginica.   Photo © RECON Environmental group

NEW:  Distichlis spicataPhoto © RECON Environmental group

NEW:  Salicornia virginica.  Photo © RECON Environmental group

NEW:  Salicornia subterminalis and Suaeda taxifolia.  Photo © RECON Environmental group

NEW:  Jaumea carnosa (thick fleshy leaves) mixed in with Frankenia salina. 
Photo © RECON Environmental group

Lupins /Bluebonnets.  Photo © Freda Reid

Field Mustard (common non-native).  Photo © Paul Haydu

Wild Radish (an invasive non- native). Photo © Paul Haydu

California Poppy. Photo © Paul Haydu

False Mallow. Photo © Paul Haydu

Encelia at Lagoon Edge. Photo © Paul Haydu

Lemonade Berry . Photo © Paul Haydu

Part of long flowering spike of Yucca. Photo © Paul Haydu

Dudleya. Photo © Paul Haydu

Cobwebby thistle (a rare native). Photo © Paul Haydu

Jimson Weed Flower. Photo © Paul Haydu

Photo © Paul Haydu

Photo © Paul Haydu

Photo © Paul Haydu

Photo © Paul Haydu

Photo © Paul Haydu