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not only for the Birds:
the Grand Avenue Bridge

I highly recommend a visit to the San Dieguito lagoon bridge overlook platform. Not only is it a real treat for birding, but I love it best for watching the underwater sea life.  If you go on an early morning or later in the afternoon, when the wind is calm and the water glassy, you can see bat rays, sting rays, butterfly rays, leopard sharks, smooth hound sharks, needlefish....all sorts of awesome things swimming beneath you as you look off the bridge! There are also educational birding and historical displays. The viewing area is located on what's left of the Old Grand Avenue Bridge in Del Mar, now called Lagoon Viewpoint. It is not on Google maps; so to get there from TPSR, drive north through Del Mar on Camino Del Mar (101) and veer right onto Jimmy Durante Blvd (towards the fairgrounds), then turn right on San Dieguito Rd.... it is about a half mile on the left hand side, next to a big old Monterrey Cypress.There is a parking area for about 5 cars. This fun little side trip will give you a good idea of what's also going on in the waters of the Penasquitos lagoon. Enjoy! 
Ingo Renner

All the pictures below taken by Paul Haydu and Ingo Renner were shot
from the Grand Avenue Bridge.

Stingray.  Photo © Paul Haydu 09/27/12
Stingray.  Photo © Paul Haydu 09/27/12
Stingray.  Photo © Paul Haydu 09/27/12
Stingray.  Photo © Paul Haydu 09/27/12
The photos below were posted on the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve Google Groups site by Ingo Renner, one of Stu Smith's fellow volunteers.
Stinger.  Photo © Ingo Renner
Shark.  Photo © Ingo Renner
Bat.  Photo © Ingo Renner


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