Bench with a view

An elegant metal bench with graceful egret insets was recently installed at the Salt Marsh Bird Viewpoint in Del Mar, just off Jimmy Durante Blvd. across from the fire station. The bench was designed in honor of Claire Tipler, a local artist, and donated by her family in recognition of her love for art and nature. The bench was created by metal artist David Frisk of Encinitas.

Bump in the road

This past June we reported that the two-lane bump in the Coast to Crest Trail along the northern shore of the San Dieguito River where it crosses El Camino Real would soon be replaced with a continuous pass beneath a new bridge. At the same time the currently eroded trail just west of El Camino Real was to be restored.

No such luck. Now the project first proposed in 2005 and expected to begin last summer is on hold until 2024 in order to “amend the site development permit” to meet California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements. The three-year construction process now is anticipated to finish in late 2027.