El Camino Real bridge

Widening project to start in late 2022

Artist’s rendering of the new bridge and river trail beneath.

The El Camino Real and Bridge Widening Project will begin later this summer, 17 years after it was first proposed by the City of San Diego. Hikers, bicyclists, and riders will finally be able to follow a continuous trail along the northern shore of the San Dieguito River and safely pass under a new, wider bridge at El Camino Real. The project will include restoration of the currently eroded trail just west of El Camino Real. 

Community groups asked for changes in the original plan which included widening Via de la Valle, raised 24-foot-wide concrete medians, turnouts, and traffic signals. The new design changes all that and incorporates the communities’ recommendation to underground utility poles on the south side of Via de la Valle. The changes were made in an effort to retain the river valley’s pastoral character while raising the bridge above the 100-year flood plain level and implementing bike lanes, equestrian trails, and a crossing on the River Park’s multi-use trail.